When you activate the outbound email it will charge you $11.00. When you go below the $10.00 it will recharge you $10.00 automatically.

$10 prepaid credit will cover the phone number @ up to $5 per month depending on carrier rates.

The remaining will used as a Pay-As-You Go billing model to send SMS, Voice, and Email messages.

$10 Gives You


$0.0663 / min

about 150 calls

$ 0.0382 / sms

about 260 messages

$0.003 / email

about 3335 emails

ELMessenger Pro Legacy is a fully functional marketing system that includes everything you need in one platform. The following fees are related to the ELMessenger Pro Legacy System. Including ELMessenger Pro Premium Chrome Extension and the CloudKii® CRM as a package deal.

ELMessenger Pro Legacy Fees

ELMessenger Pro Legacy is $97.00/mo

ELMessenger Pro Legacy X is an additional $197.00/mo


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us https://elmlink.co/support

Carrier rates are non-refundable after they are used including phone number charges. If you are sending messages from the CloudKii System usage for that will be deducted from any balance you have.

Use of the system is at your own risk. We may suspend or pause any accounts that are being misused, resulting in a termination and invoice for fees incurred if they occur; however until this clears we won't be able to turned back on again!

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